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Aleph | 2002 - Ongoing research

Aleph is a point in space, a sphere within a cube carrying itself in different parts of that space, and showing different fragments of information. The information can be revealed through a light beam passing through the space, it can only be reflected through its own image, or it can also be concealed from its surrounding reflections. Aleph no. 1 is the sphere of light. A circle within a square, it reveals its surroundings, maintaining itself as the illuminating emblem of information in the center. Aleph no. 2 is the sphere of the mirror. Reflecting itself and its surroundings, it brings to the viewer the known information; a transparent reality to obvious constructions. Aleph no. 3, however is the dark sphere, the non-reflective ball that decides to remain hidden within the confinements of its cubiform existence. The matter only exists from its antimatter and the allowance of information can be disallowed through the lack of information.

Aida Eltorie, extract from the book MMX – Patrizio Travagli |2010

…In the science the colouristic and polifacethic world of usual perception gets substituted by a rough schema where it doesn’t exist colours, smells and feelings, neither the time as we know it; the artist, in his way, owner of his headings send us back to the multiple nature, or better, to a perception of reality able to help us explain the inexplicable… …the hypothesis of deepness, the disconcertedness of the scientist in the act of looking the trajectory of the photon is at first sight. The imagination stimulated to go down into the deepest well of time-space, following fantastic lighting curves. Another modality of infinity… …The strange connections between entities of the quantic underworld can be used to obtain unthought-of effect for a world as we perceive it with the senses.

From A mechanic far beyond senses, Carles Marco from the catalogue 299.792.458 | 2005

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